TC mastering offers high quality professional mastering services.  We offer mastering services to local and remote artist. Mastering services include, full album mastering, stereo mastering, stem mastering, digital mastering, MFIT (Mastering for Itunes),  and Audio Restoration. 

Our Mastering rates are very competitive especially when they are bundled with other services.

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Mastering for Itunes (MFIT)

In recent years the quality of digital music delivery has vastly increased, as has the number of digital music sales, with Itunes being a key driver of those sales. With billions of downloads encoded to AAC format worldwide, AAC is the new standard for digital music. Mastering for Itunes Plus requires the mastering engineer to go through the process of specifically converting and listening to the High quality Sample Rate converter (SRC) convert to the Itunes Plus AAC format. This will ensure and provide a warm fuzzy feeling that we do not clip or distort during the AAC converting process. Higher resolution audio files will be represented in a more accurately manner through the process of Mastering for Itunes. Itunes Plus is a seperate store from regular Itunes. It will provide consumer with higher quality and higher resolution files compared to the regular itunes.

We offer Stem Mastering services to allow artist who prefer to give our engineers the most possible control over their mix. Mastering from Stems allows us more control to correct problems in the mix that might otherwise be impossible with a single stereo file. For the majority of projects the regular stereo mastering will provide excellent results.

You will submit multiple stereo tracks that have consolidated instruments. For example, an artist might submit 5 stereo .WAV files (one containing all guitars, one with lead vocals, one with background vocals, one with drums, one with pianos or keyboard sounds, etc..)

Preparing a mix for stem mastering involves grouping your instruments into stereo stems. You want to group similar instruments together. As with all mastering projects you should leave -3dB to -6dB of headroom and remove any master bus processing from each stem. Stems should all be the exact length from each other. The stems will have the same start and stop times, Very important so the tracks will line up.

Stem Mastering
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