Religious World Music with an African Twist.

Tropic Culture Studio got the privilege to work on this diverse project that incorporates influences from African roots to American  pop/culture in a worship type of way. Olga Muse came to us about two years ago needing help with the production, writing, arranging, and feel of her ideas and songs. She is a multi-linguistic musician and singer: Speaks French, English, Swahili, Lingala, and others. Her album consisted of words from her native tongue and progressions to multi language parts. Our team had a great time and fun with the so many iterations and changes of the songs. Ultimately she picked out arrangements from different producers and from our bank of ideas. Very excited to see this project flourish and be available to the world.

here it here on the Youtube channel

The album is available on ITunes and other mediums.
Album: Dare to Dream
Artist: Olga Muse

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